Chicken Industry

SONA 2017 failed to address job losses, says FairPlay

In his 2017 State of the Nation address, President Jacob Zuma made frequent references to the need to create jobs and government’s job creation initiatives. But according to Fair Play Movement, equal attention should be paid to preventing job losses – stopping EU chicken dumping would ‘create’ thousands of jobs immediately at no cost to the government.


Ashoek Adhikari, official spokesperson of the Fair Play Movement, pointed this out and added, “Illegal dumping must be stopped urgently to give hope to the thousands whose lives and livelihoods are being destroyed every month. We call on the government to act now to prevent the loss of thousands more jobs.


“The fate of an entire industry now rests in the hands of the task team established by the Department of Trade and Industry to seek solutions. Fair Play calls on this national committee, which includes government and industry representatives, to work quickly and effectively.


“Stopping dumping and saving jobs must be a national priority. The task team needs to come up in the near future with effective measures to counter the evil of dumping. If nothing is done, the entire industry faces collapse. Dumping killed the chicken industry in Ghana. We must not let it happen here.”


This article was first published on on 14 February 2017