Global poultry market to grow 47% by 2031

The global poultry industry is set to soar in the next decade, with poultry meat taking nearly half of the global meat market by 2031, according to the latest OECD/FAO Agricultural Outlook.

The shift towards poultry, driven by a preference for white meat in high-income countries and its affordability in middle and low-income countries, is predicted to strengthen even further. According to Poultry World, “poultry meat consumption has risen in virtually all countries and regions with consumers attracted by lower prices, product consistency and adaptability, as well as higher protein/lower fat content”. 

This projected expansion of the global poultry market is as an opportunity for producers in countries like South Africa to grow their industries and create export markets. 

Founder of the FairPlay Movement, Francois Baird, says “We should not let this opportunity to create jobs pass us by. The global poultry market is growing rapidly. For South Africa to create new jobs and benefit from this growth we need to ensure basic services such as electricity and water are provided to farmers, and that local markets are defended against dumping”.