Chicken Industry

SANCU: Reclaim your independence

The South African National Consumer Union has come out in support trade predators and chicken dumping. This contradicts at least four of the Consumer Food Rights published on SANCU’s own website.

Watch as SANCU sells out SA consumers at a press conference on 18 April 2019.

The facts speak for themselves: Brazilian chicken has been banned in 20 countries due to food safety concerns.

Why is the South African National Consumer Union defending Brazilian chicken when they should be defending South African consumers?

Following this press conference, FairPlay sent an urgent letter to Dr Clif Johnston, Vice Chairman of the SA National Consumer Union. We appealed to SANCU to restore its independence, publicly withdraw its support for trade predators and protect SA consumers – in line with its mandate and constitution.

Read the letter here

More than a month has passed since we sent SANCU this letter and we are yet to receive a response.

Why has SANCU fallen silent?

Why is it continuing to support trade predators?

The South African National Consumer Union should be a watchdog, not a sellout.