Sugar Industry

Forget fuel, sugar is the bitter pill to swallow

There was, legitimately, a great deal of fuss made in the past week about the fifth increase so far this year in overall fuel prices. Once again the poorest of the poor will suffer most as the extra charges feed through to other sectors of the economy.

But there does seem to be a major rebellion building, much like the one that has virtually crippled the e-tolls scheme in Johannesburg. And, like the e-tolls resistance, it seems to be driven by vehicle owners who tend to comprise slightly better-off workers, and people with small businesses.

In the process, another bitter pill for the country to swallow was almost totally overshadowed: the looming crisis in the sugar industry. Never mind all the arguments about a sugar tax and whether sugar is good or bad. The simple fact is that it is a part of life, demanded and used around the world.