FairPlay welcomes extension of VAT basket review submission deadline

Extension of VAT-free submission deadline is fair play

FairPlay, the social movement that wants to end dumping and other predatory trade practices, welcomed the two-week extension given for submissions to the independent panel that was appointed by National Treasury to review the current basket of items zero-rated for VAT.

“We have always been concerned about the limited time given to the panel to complete its work, and we still worry about the willingness of the panel to consider VAT Free SA Chicken on all its merits, rather than merely from a tax or purely financial perspective” says Francois Baird, founder of FairPlay. “Our worry was that by allowing so little time, the quality of the submissions the panel would receive would be compromised. With two more weeks at their disposal, individuals and organisations can provide the panel with more and better inputs. Now, we hope that the panel’s work would deliver a recommendation that would bring meaningful benefit to vulnerable South Africans and the economy as a whole.”

FairPlay is one of the parties advocating for South African chicken to be zero rated.

A statement issued by National Treasury, on behalf of Professor Ingrid Woolard who chairs the independent panel of experts, announced the deadline extension on Thursday. Instead of 11 May, interested and affected parties now have until 24 May to bring their points of view to the attention of the panel.

No reasons were given for the extension, FairPlay is of the view that the pressure brought to bear by itself and other civil society organisations left National Treasury little choice but to allow the panel more time to carry out the best possible process.

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