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Vietnam’s poultry industry in trouble

The Vietnam Poultry Association (VIDA) is warning that the poultry industry there is on the brink of collapse, with illegal imports accounting for a large portion of the problems.

According to a report by, the Vietnam government is responding to the industry’s call for help, including by curbing harmful imports.

The Vietnam poultry industry is battling the prolonged impact of the coronavirus pandemic, record high input costs and weakened domestic demand.

It also faces a significant and growing challenge from illegal imports, particularly from neighbouring countries. The industry estimates these account for up to 25% of Vietnam’s domestic poultry consumption.

“In order to address these issues, the government of Vietnam is taking measures to encourage the local production of crops as feed ingredients, and tightening up on poultry product imports.

“According to deputy agriculture minister Phung Duc Tien, these will, respectively, reduce production costs for the sector, and help boost its competitiveness,” the report said.