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South Africa’s path to resilient food systems

South Africa is embarking on a similar road to the United Nations in building a resilient and inclusive agricultural sector, according to leading agricultural economist Wandile Sihlobo.

Writing in the latest edition of the Poultry Bulletin Silhobo says this year’s UN Food Systems Summit is dominating debate in global agricultural circles with its focus on resilient global food systems.

South Africa is doing this too, he says, through its poultry master plan and an overarching Agriculture and Agro-processing master plan. However, investment will be required to achieve the objective of an inclusive poultry industry and agricultural sector, and affordable feed will be the key to national self-sufficiency in poultry.

In addition, trade policy should not be inflationary and consumer welfare should be prioritised. All this, he says, is why the global discussions on building resilient global food systems are relevant to South Africa.