Sugar Industry


Following the engagement between the FairPlay movement and Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBSA) on the issue of imported sugar, the parties met and following extensive discussions, the two organisations have agreed to work together in order to achieve certain common goals, reports Sugaronline.

This is a joint statement on the outcomes of the engagement between the parties.

1. The parties recognise the economic contribution the sugar industry makes to the economies of South Africa’s Kwazulu-Natal and Mpumalanga provinces – especially insofar as small-scale and developing growers are concerned.

2. CCBSA and FairPlay agree on the diversification of the South African sugar industry and will support the current process led by the South African government’s Department of Trade of Industry to develop the sugar industry transformation plan and the industry strategy masterplan.This masterplan will provide insights and guidance on how the diversification of the sugar industry will be structured and how it will be prioritised, and both parties will support these in accordance with the work undertaken by government.

3. CCBSA is committed to undertaking measures that aim to uplift small-scale and developing sugarcane growers and will continue to do so in collaboration with and in leveraging already existing partnerships with small-scale growers.

4. CCBSA respects and endeavours to treat all its stakeholders equally, and to this end, CCBSA will respect existing relationships and partnerships as appropriate.
FairPlay and CCBSA have accordingly agreed to build on this engagement with each other in the best interest of enhancing the interests of small and developing growers as part of the sugar industry and South Africa.