Safety stamp for chicken products

South African consumers will soon notice a safety stamp on chicken products, affirming that the producer or facility where it was packed has been inspected by the government-assigned Food Safety Agency.

While all production facilities must by law be inspected, some have refused, turning inspectors away. The new food safety certificate of good standing puts pressure on everyone to comply, because both retailers and consumers will be able to identify compliant products.

Retailers that have pushed for this development have indicated that they would not buy from producers that cannot point to a certificate of good standing on their wall, reports the Poultry Bulletin.

“This is the kind of trade environment we and our partners are working to achieve, not only to benefit the local poultry industry and the economy, but in the interest of every consumer who relies on affordable, high-quality chicken on their dinner table,” said Izaak Breitenbach of the SA Poultry Association (SAPA).