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Poultry import stats: Update

2019 Poultry import update. Summary: Imports into SA remain high. Brazil is the largest importer and has more market share than any single local producer. Imports from the EU are rising rapidly, although from a low base. Import tariffs are urgently needed. Detailed stats follow.

2018 was a record year for poultry imports, which eased off slightly in 2019. Broiler imports for the year to November are 6.4% lower than in the same period in 2018. On a monthly basis, Nov 2019 imports were up +15.1% on Oct 2019 and +5.1% on Nov 2018.

MDM, or mechanically deboned meat, is taking a larger portion of total poultry imports, up 10% so far on 2018. Brazil accounted for 52.3% of imports in Nov 2019 and 19% of bone-in imports – the category that may be subject to proposed, increased tariffs.

EU bone-in imports are up 79% for the year to Nov 2019. Overall volumes from the EU are still low, compared to record levels in 2016, as the EU slowly recovers from the bird flu bans of 2017 and early 2018.

Imported volumes of bone-in chicken show how ineffective SA’s trade measures are against dumping. Despite an EU EPA safeguard, a general tariff of 37%, and anti-dumping duties against the Netherlands, UK and Germany, imports of bone-in poultry reached record levels in 2018.