Master plan increases numbers of black poultry farmers

Interesting statistics on the increasing numbers of black poultry farmers were published in a news report on transformation in the poultry industry.

The SA Poultry Association (SAPA) rejected accusations that black emerging farmers were being kept on the sidelines of the industry’s master plan and had limited participation and capacity.

SAPA’s Izaak Breitenbach told Business Report that the poultry sector master plan was already bearing fruit. More growth in the number of black farmers would be seen over the next 12 months in a “material acceleration” of the transformation effort.

“Black contract growers are farming 12.6 million birds as we speak, and this will increase to 16 million birds over the course of the next 12 months. In the past two years alone, black farmers have built 79 poultry houses to the value of R355m, while the industry invested a further R1.14 billion to create markets for these additional chickens. This is massive for our emerging farmers, and for South Africa,” Breitenbach said.

Breitenbach said 40 independent producers had also been supplied with business plans, environmental impact analyses and water licences to enable them to farm, including an additional 40 farmers being assisted with various aspects of their operations.

“Our first black hatchery owner has expanded from hatching 7 000 birds per week to now doing 28 000 birds per week, and by the end of the year they will achieve 50 000 chicks per week to supply the independent market.

“In all 1 963 emerging farmers were trained in the various aspects of their farming operations, while an additional 1 460 farmers are receiving remote assistance,” he said.

This progress continues to be attacked by the African Farmers Association of South Africa, and chicken importer Unati Spiers of the Emerging Black Importers and Exporters (Ebiesa). These organisations continue to snipe at the master plan, which has the support of the poultry industry, the public and the government.

Communicating this year’s master plan progress to the public is clearly something the government needs to do before the country shuts down for the year-end holidays.

Image: Tumi Mokwene founder of Phetogo Poultry farm.