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Where’s the urgency to deal with dumping?

At the end of last year, the government set up a task team to investigate the problems besetting the chicken industry, particularly the flood of dumped imports, and to recommend action. It first met in January, but has apparently not concluded its deliberations.

In February, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies vowed to protect the local industry and its thousands of jobs. He said he would not let it go the way of those in some West African countries that had been destroyed by cheap imports.

So, what has happened? Nothing. Where is the urgency the minister displayed earlier?

Why is he not ensuring that the task team process is completed speedily? Why is he not agitating for recommendations that he can put into effect?

The public is entitled to ask Davies for an assurance that he will get the task team he appointed to conclude its work without delay, and that its findings and recommendations will be made public.

The issue is more urgent because of the additional damage being done by outbreaks of avian influenza.

The industry remains in crisis, imports are flooding in, and thousands of jobs are at stake.

The industry is contracting. It needs to be protected against dumping so that it can stabilise and grow.


Francois Baird
Founder, FairPlay antidumping movement

First published in Business Day on 22nd September 2017