Chicken Industry

Issues in the global poultry supply chain

FairPlay has been monitoring issues in the global poultry supply chain to assess food security risks for those countries that rely on imported chicken to meet domestic chicken consumption.

We have monitored reports from Bloomberg, The Financial Times, Reuters , Poultry World , Dry Cargo and the IPC.

Here are some key points:


1.Globally chicken prices are dropping along with demand primarily because of the collapse of the restaurant sector.

2.IPC reports that there is a shortage of chicks for restocking broiler flocks because this activity relies heavily on air freight. IPC anticipates a crisis in the industry.

3. Dry Cargo and the Financial Times both report that massive numbers of refrigerated containers were stranded in China. Often without electricity and those containers now filled with spoiled meat have yet to return to service. This has created refrigerated container shortages in Brazil.

In the US

4. Perdue and Sanderson Farms have both announced plant closures due to Covid 19 infection of workers.

In the EU

5. Northern Ireland has seen at least one major plant closure due to Covid 19 outbreak.

6. Italy exports nearly 14 percent of its poultry production but closed borders and plant shutdowns have stemmed the flow of exports.


7. A judge ordered JBS to shutter one of its plants.

8. NGOs in Brazil anticipate strikes and protests from workers at meat processing plants that likely will close facilities.