Francois Baird on the urgency of poultry import tariffs, on Radio RSG

President Cyril Ramaphosa, during this State of the Nation address in February 2020, promised that import tariffs on dumped poultry would be set within two weeks. This deadline has come and gone. FairPlay founder joins Lise Roberts from radio RSG to discuss the importance and urgency of these tariffs. Please note this interview is in Afrikaans.

Tydens president Cyril Ramaphosa se staatsrede het hy onderneem om binne twee weke nĂ¡ die rede, ‘n tarief teen hoenderinvoere te publiseer. Dit het egter nog nie gebeur nie. Lise Roberts praat met die stigter van die Fairplay-beweging, Francois Baird, oor die erns van die saak.

This interview was published on 12 March 2020 on RSG. Listen to it here .

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