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Exports are still languishing

Covid-19 has disrupted the poultry industry worldwide, including in South Africa. One of the victims has been the export drive, part of the 2019 poultry master plan designed to revive and grow the local industry.

Although there have been some gains, notably the government’s negotiation of an export certificate to the United Arab Emirates, progress has been slow. While other markets, notably Saudi Arabia, are in prospect, volumes are small and most exports go to South Africa’s neighbouring states.

Poultry exports for 2020 were almost identical to 2019, and some lack of growth can probably be attributed to the coronavirus impact on industries and markets. But what’s next?

AMIE, the Association of Meat Importers and Exporters, has been trumpeting the master plan as an export booster. Yet, in the 18 months since the plan was signed, it has been strangely silent about what it is doing to increase exports, facilitate contracts or open new markets. 

What are you doing AMIE? Please tell us.