A global food crisis

World food supply is at risk, according to the New York Times. The newspaper said the Ukraine conflict threatens to cause “a global food crisis”.

The energy shock caused by rising fuel prices could be followed by a deeper crisis, it said: a shortage of food.

Crucial portions of the world’s wheat, maize, barley and fertiliser are trapped in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, and prices are rising rapidly. This upheaval is compounded by major challenges that were already increasing prices and squeezing supplies. These include the coronavirus pandemic, shipping constraints, high energy costs and recent droughts, floods and fires.

Now economists, aid organisations and government officials are warning that the repercussions could be an increase in world hunger.

The newspaper said the looming disaster “is laying bare the consequences of a major war in the modern era of globalisation”.

The crises precipitated by Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine once again reaffirms FairPlay’s position that the key to national food security is through agricultural self-sufficiency, of which local poultry production is the most important component.