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Surplus poultry in the EU should worry South Africa

A little over a year ago, as Europe entered its first lockdown and 250 million people were issued with stay-at-home orders, the European poultry meat and eggs sectors called on the European Commission to take action to avoid a poultry oversupply crisis. Ironically, Europe’s poultry sector suggested the urgent curtailment of poultry imports from third countries.

“Poultry meat is piling up and freezers all over the EU are already full, waiting for the confinement measures to be over,” Copa-Cogeca wrote to the EU’s Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development.

Fast forward one year, and as Europe battles its third wave – with numerous lockdown measures in place across the continent – there should be no doubt that many EU producers are still concerned about surpluses. As recently as last week, Poultry World acknowledged that the oversupply of poultry is a key concern for numerous markets, including the EU.

South Africa should be concerned too – an oversupply crisis in Europe could easily mean more dumping in South Africa.