Proudly South African’s huge “buy local” drive

The Proudly South African Living Lekker Locally campaign is a multi-year consumer drive aimed at reminding South Africans that almost everything they need can be sourced from local manufacturers.

“Living Lekker Locally demonstrates that all the brands that we showcase being consumed, driven, worn, cooked with, cooked on, etc are local and be purchased locally,” Proudly SA CEO Eustace Mashimbye told FairPlay.

“We want consumers to buy local and retailers to see that stocking locally manufactured items is beneficial to us all. Everyone is a consumer in their own right. If we inculcate the “buy local’ message with individuals, we hope it will translate into more local procurement in the workplace.”

Proudly SA supports each of the sectoral master plans, including the poultry master plan, because they support local production and local jobs. Mashimbye says the successes of the poultry plan are evident in growth in the sector and the number of new black emerging poultry farmers and producers.

They are urging consumers to buy chicken that carries a “Proudly South African” label because it identifies them as “safe, healthy, locally made and high quality products”.

Asked about opposition to the government’s localisation policy, he said Proudly SA supported all reasonable measures to drive increased levels of localisation.

“It is undeniable that growing local manufacturing capacity and driving local demand stimulates economic growth and job creation. This is a tried and tested economic policy in many countries around the world,” Mashimbye said.