PPPs the way forward for agriculture

The South African citrus industry has highlighted the benefits of public-private partnerships to expand the country’s agriculture export markets.

The comments came from Justin Chadwick, CEO of the Citrus Growers’ Association of SA at a ceremony marking the implementation of a new Chinese protocol which is expected to boost South African citrus exports to China.

He noted the co-operation of the industry and Department of Agriculture in finalising the protocol, and said citrus growers invest R150 million annually in research that underpins government-level negotiations.

“This process has highlighted the importance of an effective public private partnership when it comes to market access matters,” he said.

The South African poultry industry is in a similar situation. It is keen to expand poultry exports, but the Department of Agriculture lacks sufficient veterinary personnel, facilities and funding to provide the export certification demanded by foreign countries.

Rectifying this is an important focus of the poultry master plan. Public private partnerships between government and the poultry industry are under discussion as a way to use industry funding and expertise to overcome this obstacle to exports and job creation.