Chicken Industry

All this poultry dumping. And we’re chicken sh**

This month’s story on European Union (EU) chicken producers dumping their surplus on SA- and Government’s inability to defend the local industry – is yet another depressing example of ANC policy failure when it comes to keeping the economy afloat, let alone moving it forward.


There are only two things that Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies should be having sleepless nights over:

  1. Jobs
  2. food security


And nothing better sums up Government’s policy cock-ups in these two critical areas like the chicken dumping saga.


Davies has been in his post since 2009, probably the longest-serving minister in a single portfolio in Jacob Zuma’s dizzying game of (ministerial) thrones.


One would have thought Davies would be tough enough, experienced enough and confident enough to take a stand against the EU and hold the line.


Instead he plays chicken.


Now, I don’t doubt the minister’s integrity but just couldn’t help myself


Googling to see if, perhaps, the Guptas owned poultry farms in Holland, Germany or the UK, the worst dumping culprits, because that might have explained the unfathomable failure of the DTI to halt this dumping onslaught, the shedding of Jobs and the destruction of a vital industry.


Google came up with nothing. So I’m left in a state of bewilderment.


It just makes no damn sense.


First published in Food & Beverage Reporter on 01 September 2017

by Bruce Cohen