Chicken Industry

‘n Woord van die Groot Kokkedoor

Usually, I attempt to create inspirational and positive messages when I write to you. This time around, I am going to moan… a lot. Yes, even the CEO is frustrated sometimes!

My issue is this: Why is it so hard for the SA Government and the SA Poultry Industry to collaborate for the goodwill of all in our beloved country, when the solution is a no-brainer? The facts are simple:

  • The industry can generate thousands more jobs. SA needs this desperately. The President says: ‘take my hand and help me in this’.
  • The industry can grow the economy. SA wants this badly too.
  • The industry can support rural development, since our operations are mostly in the platteland. SA needs jobs in small dorpies, no doubt.
  • The industry and chicken per se, is vitally important in achieving and maintaining food security independence. SA needs this for sure.
  • The industry can maintain food safety standards across the value chain much better than imported foods. This is imperative to the SA consumer.
  • The industry can support transformation. This is imperative for all of us

To top it all, the industry is ready to grow, and wants to. The timing is perfect. All it needs is an enabling environment which supports a healthy enough return on investment, and sustainably so.

This is something only Government can do, and it is not difficult. Everincreasing volume of dumped portions is the problem, and tariff and non-tariff protection is the answer. We ask for nothing more than any other country does for their strategic industries.

While it is true that I’m complaining to you today, it is also true that the industry and its leaders will never stop to promote and fight for our wonderful industry.

Please support Fair Play and follow them and myself on Twitter: @FairPlayZA and @m_p_stander; please encourage chicken consumption with family and friends and assure them they need not be concerned about Listeriosis via chicken. Chicken and other meats just need proper cooking, as has always been the case.

Speak soon
Marthinus Stander | CEO
Country Bird Holdings