Chicken Industry

Local industry support is key

Even before the introduction of the poultry master plan, South Africa’s poultry producers had focused on providing food security and thousands of jobs in the country, writes Aziz Sulliman, a chicken farmer and chairperson of the SA Poultry Association.

“As the second-biggest industry in the agricultural sector, we are pivotal in stimulating economic growth for the country, creating jobs in poultry, but also in grain production, transport, packaging, pharmaceutics, infrastructure and more.”

SA should follow the lead of the European Union (EU) and bolster domestic economies by reserving market space for their own producers. It was also essential to stop unfair trade practices and review an ineffective tariff infrastructure.

“The resistance posed by irresponsible importers, who also signed the master plan and now aim to obstruct its unfolding, is maddening and counterproductive. We have so many difficult challenges to overcome in South Africa; but providing affordable chicken for all our people while creating jobs and adding to the fiscus is achievable,” he concluded.