Chicken Industry

Importers can’t stop getting it wrong

More proof of mathematical ineptitude comes in the latest attempt by ChickenFacts to justify their incorrect statement that chicken prices have risen for 10% a year for 10 years. They haven’t – they have risen by around 7% over that period, but ChickenFacts is not going to admit that fact.

In a lengthy diatribe against FairPlay, the importers’ mouthpiece pretends chicken importers never said anything of the sort. Now, they say, it’s “an average” of 10% (but of course, that’s wrong too).

They claim we accused them of ascribing price increases to reduced imports. We didn’t. They accuse us of trying to deflect attention from rising food prices. We’re doing the opposite – constantly citing rising food prices, including chicken, as a reason why government should remove 15% value added tax from the chicken portions most purchased by low income households.

Even the graph they use proves they are wrong – prices in that example rose by 10% a year in only three of the 10 years between 2011 and 2021. Yet ChickenFacts twists and turns in vain attempt to show they were right.

They were wrong. When you’re wrong, admit it and move on.