International trade

Honey fraud leaves a bitter taste for EU

The European Commission has investigated imports of honey into the European Union, and found that nearly half of the imports are fraudulent because the honey is adulterated with syrup.

In a report called Food Fraud: How Genuine is Your Honey?, the commission said fake honey is a tempting market because of the price gap between sugar syrup and authentic honey.

It found that 46% of the honey imported into the EU was adulterated, with high percentages from a number of countries.

“Of the honey imports into Europe from China, nearly 75% was fraudulent, based on testing of random samples of honey shipments from more than 20 countries. The percentage of fake honey from Turkey was even higher, at 93%,” reported

In 2021, using EU data, Chinese exports to Europe were 48,000 tonnes, 28% of all imported honey in the EU.