Chicken Industry

Global economic recovery bodes well for poultry industry

Prospects are looking brighter for the global chicken industry, according to a broiler economics newsletter from Aviagen, a US-based supplier of poultry breeder stock.

The newsletter, by economist Dr Paul Aho, says the recessionary effects on the world economy of the pandemic should diminish as more people become vaccinated.

“Although COVID-19 still casts a dark shadow over economic activity, economic expansion is real. World economic growth is estimated to be 5.6% this year compared to estimates of just 4% a few months ago.”

Dr Aho warns that things could still go wrong, including a setback to global economic recovery because of the Delta strain of Covid, but says demand is strengthening in many countries.

“The poultry industry was well positioned to ride out this crisis. In a recession there is a shift in demand from more expensive meats toward poultry,” he states.