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Farewell Mike Schussler

FairPlay notes with great sadness the passing of Mike Schussler, one of South Africa’s top economists.

Schussler was a member of our expert advisory panel, and wrote a number of articles about the economics of chicken importing. He also focused on the need for job creation, including through agricultural expansion and exporting.

Last year he pointed out anomalies in the import prices of chicken portions from Brazil and the European Union, and noted that the prices and volumes declared as consignments left producer countries didn’t always match the prices and volumes declared on imports into South Africa. This led to questions about whether tax evasion was taking place, and calls for the revenue service to investigate.

Schussler founded and headed, and was twice voted South Africa’s economist of the year. He consulted for the poultry, finance and transport industries and he will be missed by all of them.