Dumping and predatory trade

FairPlay explains the facts to Business Day

FairPlay founder Francois Baird told the newspaper it had been deceived by the exaggerated claims of chicken importers.

He pointed out the errors in their argument, and told them why the importers’ favourite number – a 265% tariff – would not affect South African chicken imports or retail prices. He explained why the impact on retail prices could be 2% or less.

“What Business Day should be telling its readers is that most of the anti-dumping duties will apply in the lower ranges – 3.31% for Brazil, 7.75% for Denmark, 2.49% for Ireland, 2.25% for Poland and 7.56% for Spain. That is a very different picture to the one you have painted.

“A negligible amount of this will spill through into retail prices,” Baird wrote.