On the Frontlines of Food Safety

How can we secure safe food for everyone in South Africa?

28 October 2021.

With Covid-19 dominating our lives for the past two years, it’s easy to forget that food safety remains a significant public health issue – for farmers, distributors, retailers, policymakers and consumers.

Food imports to South Africa – from all corners of the globe – continue to rise. Does our country have the capacity and skills to inspect these imports? What role can the private sector play? What can government do?

Risks of new and emerging foodborne diseases (now numbering over 200) continue to threaten the lives of people everywhere. Poor quality and unsafe food is an issue that impacts low-income households disproportionately.

FairPlay has found examples of poor quality chicken imports in local supermarket freezers – products which have been defrosted, brined and refrozen, without traceability, flouting labelling laws.

Join FairPlay founder François Baird and our panel of experts as they discuss the risks and challenges in securing safe food for everyone in South Africa.

This webinar was recorded on 28 October 2021. It was presented by the FairPlay Movement in association with Food for Mzansi.

  • Moderators: Dawn Noemdoe (Food for Mzansi).
  • Panelists: Matlou Setati (CGCSA), Dr Hein Nel (AFSQ), Professor Kris Willems (KU Leuven).
  • Host: Francois Baird (FairPlay).

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Panelist profile

Dawn Noemdoe

Dawn Noemdoe is the Editor for Audience Engagement at Food for Mzansi.

Matlou Setati

Matlou Setati is an Executive of the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa’s Food Safety Initiative. Previously she held the position of Chief Food Safety & Quality Assurance Officer at the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

Dr Hein Nel

Dr Hein Nel is the Executive Director at the Agency for Food Safety and Quality. Previously,  he was Chief State Veterinarian at provincial and national levels.

Professor Kris Willems

Prof Kris Willems is Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Technology at KU Leuven University (Belgium). Prof Willems has over 3 decades of experience in leading academic and industrial organisations. A biologist by background, his research interests include the microbial ecology of engineered environments.

Francois Baird

Francois Baird is the founder of the FairPlay movement.

Images: CDC / Medical illustration of drug-resistant nontyphoidal Salmonella sp bacteria / Medical Illustrator James Archer (above).