Cry for Action!


We, the undersigned concerned citizens, poultry workers, and retrenched poultry workers of South Africa most urgently make this Cry for Action appeal directly to you President Jacob Zuma and you Mr. Rob Davies, Minister of Trade and Industry, to take all the necessary steps now that will forever end the predatory practice of dumping of chicken onto our market in South Africa.

We make this Cry for Action appeal for the estimated 6 000 workers who have already lost their jobs and for their dependents, up to 60 000 people, who are suffering the terrible consequence of poverty and social isolation.

We make this Cry for Action appeal for the 110 000 poultry workers whose jobs are under severe threat and we make this Cry for Action appeal on behalf of the 20 000 grain workers whose jobs depend on the poultry industry.

We make this Cry for Action appeal for the dependents – up to 1.1million of them – who rely on the wages that come into the homes of poultry workers each week and provide food, shelter, light, heat, education, health care and hope for the future.

We make this Cry for Action appeal to you Mr President and you Mr Davies in the solemn hope that you will act now and save our industry from the claws of the dumping predators who would turn our vibrant South Africa poultry industry into a broken, empty shell.

We say NO TO DUMPING, but only you can make this happen.

This is our
Cry for Action

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312 signatures = 6% of goal

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