Chicken rises to the top of the food chain

Global chicken consumption has doubled since 1999 and in less than a decade humans will consume more chicken than any other protein.

How to reduce Africa’s dependence on food imports

Africa’s food security is threatened by its huge dependence on food imports, which supply 85% of its needs and costs the continent more than $35 billion each year.

Offal imports need to be watched

SARS should take note as offal imports rise dramatically

Poultry industry getting export ready

While importers gripe about the lack of exports, South African poultry producers are quietly getting on with the job.

Imports hammer Namibian poultry sector

As poultry producers in Southern Africa await the final determination on anti-dumping duties against Brazil and four European Union countries, Namibia has once again highlighted the damage being done by dumped poultry imports.

Another undercut from Oz

For another month, Australian chicken continues to be imported into South Africa at astonishingly low prices. Is this more dumping?

Closing the loopholes

The South African poultry industry believes that action against illegal chicken imports is yielding results.

Will chicken exporters fund their new export mojo?

The largest obstacle to South Africa becoming a significant poultry exporter is the lack of state veterinary laboratories and infrastructure – which is likely to cost at least R330 million.

Fat profits for importers?

The profits of chicken importers are coming under scrutiny, as the value of imports average R6 billion a year for the past six years.

Statement: Chicken importers must reveal “substantial” profits

FairPlay has challenged chicken importers to reveal their “substantial” profits and to say how much they have invested in expanding their industry and creating local jobs in South Africa.

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