Africa must ramp up food production

The Ukraine war has highlighted the need for Africa to produce more of its own food, as 340 million people in Africa face food insecurity.

SA food price inflation may have peaked

Encouraging news for South Africa’s cash-strapped consumers is that food price inflation is close to its peak, and may already have peaked.

No such thing as cheap imported chicken, says SAPA

The SA Poultry Association says anti-dumping duties do not push up the retail price of chicken and that dumped imports are sold in shops at market prices.

Commission focuses on retail food prices

Are South African retailers using food price inflation to add in a bit extra and increase their profits?

Food inflation hits some countries hard

While global food prices are dropping, South Africa’s food price inflation rate was 8.6% in June, and may not yet have peaked.

Consumers need VAT-free chicken

Minister Patel has got his decisions on anti-dumping duties and VAT-free chicken the wrong way round.

Food prices keep going up

Food price inflation is a global concern, and South African consumers may not see food prices dropping for some time.

Record smashed in Mandela Day soup challenge

Chefs with Compassion succeeded for the third successive year in rallying hotels, restaurants, companies and cooks to produce a record 94 359 litres of soup.

Eat more eggs

The South African egg industry has been put under pressure by a series of events beyond its control.

Sorghum – an indigenous African grain

A plea has been made for the revival of a nutritious grain indigenous to Africa but in declining production: sorghum.

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