Children are dying of hunger

Close to 200 children under the age of five have died in South Africa this year due to malnutrition.

Flood damage will boost inflation and food prices

KZN flood damage will lead to higher inflation and food prices in South Africa.

Rethinking food security

Economist says more govt support for local agriculture is key to improving food security in South Africa.

Floods impact chicken supply in KZN

The devastating floods which have killed hundreds in KwaZulu-Natal, are going to make food supply much more difficult.

More food price warnings as impact of war increases

Every week brings new warnings about global food price increases, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine pushes up fuel, fertilizer and feed prices. The result is a surge in food price inflation.

FairPlay’s 5-point plan for food security

FairPlay proposes a five-point plan to help improve food security in South Africa as winter approaches.

No food supply shortage, says SA government

The South African government has moved quickly to reassure the country that it has sufficient food supplies and that the Ukraine war will not result in food shortages.

A global food crisis

The conflict in Ukraine threatens to cause “a global food crisis”. Experts believe the world's food supply to be at risk.

Statement: FairPlay’s five-point plan to stave off hunger as jobless totals rise

Statement: More millions out of work means more poverty, more hunger and more malnutrition. The government must act urgently to ensure food security for all as winter approaches.

VAT-free chicken urgent as food inflation bites

FairPlay is renewing its call for Value Added Tax (VAT) in South Africa to be removed from most chicken portions to help counter the rise in food inflation following the conflict in Ukraine.

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