Safety stamp for chicken products

South African consumers will soon see a safety stamp on chicken products, affirming that the producer or facility where it was packed has been inspected by the Food Safety Agency.

Food safety stamp to help SA consumers

The South African poultry industry is hoping the government will approve a safety stamp on retail chicken packaging.

Parliament’s food safety committee missing in inaction

Parliament's committee on food safety has not met since 2019. It must be re-established so that it can complete its work.

Technology can back a powerful food safety agency

Technology will play an increasingly important role in ensuring food safety, and should be a focus of a national food safety agency.

Webinar: On the frontlines of food safety

With Covid-19 dominating our lives for the past two years, it’s easy to forget that food safety remains a significant public health issue – for farmers, distributors, retailers, policymakers and consumers. Join our webinar.

Poultry master plan promotes food safety

New labelling laws for chicken imports – hailed as a "breakthrough" for consumers – have come into affect, but will require careful policing to ensure compliance.

Chicken should not be thawed and repacked

Chicken imports arrive in large frozen bulk packs, which are thawed, repacked and refrozen or sometimes just sold as fresh meat. This can compromise food safety.

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