Importers get their sums wrong

We investigate the erroneous claims that Chicken importers make to bolster their proposal for the removal of all tariffs on imported chicken.

AMIE re-evaluates its role in poultry the master plan

Will chicken importers pull out of the poultry master plan? The executive committee of the Association of Meat Importers and Exporters (AMIE) says it plans to "re-evaluate" its participation.

Importers’ tariff proposal gets dumped

Import tariffs on dumped chicken has re-entered the national debate following a number of opportunistic and spurious claims made by meat importers. Read more as we cover the debate.

Why the delay in restructuring chicken tariffs?

Amid all the arguments for and against import tariffs, there has been silence on a potentially decisive development – the complete restructuring of the chicken import tariff system.

Tariff cuts a hidden threat to consumers

South Africa's poultry industry, which produces most of the chicken in the country, keeps prices low. The demise of this industry would not be in the interests of consumers.

Does SARS import data reveal dumping from OZ?

Australian chicken portions are arriving in South Africa at prices even below those of countries found to be dumping chicken here.

AMIE pretends it’s all about tariffs

While top economists predict further food price increases – because of the war in Ukraine – chicken importers in South Africa like to pretend that the main cause is anti-dumping duties.

Importers back our call for VAT-free chicken

The Association of Meat Importers and Exporters (AMIE) CEO Paul Matthew has made headlines for his “support” for the removal of VAT from chicken.

Brazil should make its case to SA’s trade regulator

Statement: There’s an easy answer to Brazilian claims that they do not dump chicken in South Africa – show the evidence to South Africa’s trade regulator.

Attacks on the poultry master plan

Chicken importers and their friends continue to attack the anti-dumping duties designed to reduce their profits.

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