Offal imports need to be watched

SARS should take note as offal imports rise dramatically

Poultry industry getting export ready

While importers gripe about the lack of exports, South African poultry producers are quietly getting on with the job.

Importers can’t stop getting it wrong

More proof of mathematical ineptitude comes in the latest attempt by ChickenFacts to justify their incorrect statement that chicken prices have risen for 10% a year for 10 years.

Youthful job creation

Near Mthatha in the Eastern Cape, a successful poultry project founded by four young people in 2018 has just won an award from the provincial government.

Time to rethink food security

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has had a major impact on global food supplies and prices. What lessons can South Africa learn as some countries begin to face food shortages?

Closing the loopholes

The South African poultry industry believes that action against illegal chicken imports is yielding results.

Chicken importers still can’t count

Despite proven wrong, even by their own numbers, chicken importers are yet to retract their false and inaccurate statements on chicken price increases.

Labour unions back call for VAT-free chicken

Labour unions Cosatu and Saftu back FairPlay's call for government to drop VAT on the chicken portions most consumed by low-income households.

Will chicken exporters fund their new export mojo?

The largest obstacle to South Africa becoming a significant poultry exporter is the lack of state veterinary laboratories and infrastructure – which is likely to cost at least R330 million.

Fat profits for importers?

The profits of chicken importers are coming under scrutiny, as the value of imports average R6 billion a year for the past six years.

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