The EU poultry assault may resume

South African trade authorities will have to make sense of conflicting reports on bird flu outbreaks in countries across Europe.

Global economic recovery bodes well for poultry industry

Prospects are looking brighter for the global chicken industry.

Hope for culling compensation?

It’s not only poultry producers that government has failed to compensate for culls ordered by state veterinarians. Red meat and pork producers have had the same problem.

Plant-based food grows wings

One of South Africa’s largest chicken producers, RCL Foods, has announced that it intends to become a serious contender in the artificial meat market.

Dumped imports worry Rainbow Chicken owner

RCL's chicken division is still struggling. Will the Poultry Sector Master Plan help turn the sector around?

Hope for culling compensation?

Will South African poultry farmers be compensated for more than 2 million healthy birds they have been ordered to cull to prevent the spread of avian influenza?

The fight is on to stop unfair trade in poultry

The South African poultry industry is intensifying its focus on stamping out unfair trade in poultry. This includes both dumping – importing poultry at unfairly low prices – and illegal trading methods to avoid or reduce payment of import duties.

Training the inspectors

The SA Poultry Association (SAPA) helped to train some 120 SARS inspectors last month, showing them how to identify chicken consignments where import tariffs may be evaded by misdeclaration or under-declaration.

New tariff structure could curb illegal trade

Existing tariff structures on poultry imports are being reviewed and could lead to curbs on predatory and illegal trade.

Good news for agriculture

Weather patterns are likely to produce another bumper maize harvest for South Africa next year.

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