Eat local chicken and support local jobs

As the festive season approaches, it’s time to think of local chicken and local jobs.

Imports stay on Astral’s radar

South Africa’s largest poultry producer, Astral Foods, has once again cited continued high chicken imports as a factor affecting its financial results.

Master plan increases numbers of black poultry farmers

Statistics show an increase in the numbers of black poultry farmers across South Africa.

Municipal woes impact poultry production

Jobs are at stake as residents and businesses are affected by the poor delivery of municipal services across the country.

Importers wrong again

Chicken importers like Unati Spears call the import tariff review is a "ploy", yet the poultry masterplan, which she and other importers signed, details the reasons for the review.

Are importers afraid they might lose the chicken war?

The chicken imports lobby is trashing the local poultry industry's anti-dumping application and SA's trade regulator, ahead of any possible outcomes.

Bring back the retired vets

Increased health inspections and certifications are needed for chicken imports, as well as for developing export markets. The problem? Not enough vets.

Do chicken importers really support the master plan?

It is time that importers issue their unequivocal backing for the poultry master plan and all its objectives.

Some puzzling aspects to chicken imports

The need for more thorough customs inspections of chicken imports is demonstrated by the fact that every month SARS official statistics throw up puzzles and anomalies. This time it's chicken feet.

Chicken importers should concentrate on the facts

Chicken importers argue that the local poultry industry is over-concentrated, now a formal rebuttal has come from the authoritative Bureau for Agricultural Policy proving the opposite.

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