What exactly is at stake in the duty debate?

By Francois Baird: Anti-dumping duties are not protectionist and consumers don't benefit from dumped imports. Allowing dumping to continue is wrong.

Strong reactions to delay in anti-dumping duties

There’s been no shortage of reaction in the past week to the decision by the South African government to postpone anti-dumping duties on poultry imports.

SA poultry industry’s firm stand against delayed duties

On behalf of local poultry producers, the SA Poultry Association has taken an uncompromising stand against the decision to delay the imposition of anti-dumping duties.

Tariff suspension is a green light for chicken dumping

The suspension of anti-dumping duties will have no effect on chicken prices, and a flood of dumped imports will damage the credibility of both Minister Patel and the master plan.

Five countries are proven chicken dumpers

Despite the delay in implementing new anti-dumping duties, it’s now a proven fact that Brazil, Denmark, Ireland, Poland and Spain have been dumping chicken in South Africa.

Tough anti-dumping measures in West Africa

What did Senegal and Ivory Coast do to combat dumping and save their poultry industries? And what has the outcome been?

Research to help understand bird flu

A major new research project has been launched in Britain to help scientists understand more about bird flu and how to combat it.

Record smashed in Mandela Day soup challenge

Chefs with Compassion succeeded for the third successive year in rallying hotels, restaurants, companies and cooks to produce a record 94 359 litres of soup.

Why is Minister Patel abandoning his signature master plan?

Media statement: Minister Patel is inviting countries to dump chicken in South Africa. He should urgently reconsider his suspension of import duties.

More master plan progress and job creation

The government’s failure to renew or replace temporary anti-dumping duties risks the substantial master plan progress that the poultry industry has made.

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