Imports stay on Astral’s radar

South Africa’s largest poultry producer, Astral Foods, has once again cited continued high chicken imports as a factor affecting its financial results.

Master plan increases numbers of black poultry farmers

Statistics show an increase in the numbers of black poultry farmers across South Africa.

Municipal woes impact poultry production

Jobs are at stake as residents and businesses are affected by the poor delivery of municipal services across the country.

High hopes for cannabis

South Africa is aiming to produce a cannabis master plan, focussed on hemp, which has been declared an agricultural crop.

Higher input costs dampen SA’s agricultural boom

The rapidly rising costs of fertiliser, fuel and other inputs dampen South Africa's recent agricultural boom.

Relief for riots but not for bird flu

The government continues to refuse compensation to poultry farmers for the forced culling of healthy chickens due to bird flu outbreaks.

R30 billion for job creation overseas

Over the past five years, South Africa has spent R30 billion on chicken imports – creating jobs in Brazil and the EU.

Tariffs on chicken benefit several industries

Prof Johan Willemse shows how tariffs on predatory chicken imports benefit other sectors in the economy. He also says there is no evidence that tariffs increase costs for consumers.

SA poultry producers in world’s top 50

Two of South Africa’s poultry producers – Astral Foods and RCL Foods – are among the top 50 producers in the world.

Low priced imports don’t benefit consumers

An analysis of the South African poultry market has shown once again that low import prices of dumped and predatory chicken portions don’t translate to low retail prices for consumers.

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