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The poultry sector master plan was signed on 6 November 2019 by government, the poultry industry, unions and importers. The motivation behind the plan was the urgent need to save the industry and its jobs from the predations of importers bringing hundreds of thousands of tons of dumped chicken onto the local market.


A significant reduction in imports will allow for almost immediate job creation as the local industry expands to replace imports with local chicken. Further expansion is foreseen through increased local demand, including government sector procurement, and production for exports.


It is for these reasons that we’ve created this status page – to monitor the progress and implementation of all projects and deliverables agreed to in the plan. This dashboard comprises all deliverables, sorted by deadline, and have been extracted from pages 9 -15 of the South African Poultry Sector Master Plan.


As stakeholders communicate their progress, and discrete or follow-on projects are activated, the details on this page will be updated. For more information, please contact


Poultry Master Plan

Download the South African Poultry Sector Master Plan here.

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