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Chicken dumping in SA

South Africa’s poultry industry has experienced a 400% surge in chicken imports over the past two decades. This jeopardises the country’s food security and negatively impacts job creation and economic growth.

We believe that a large percentage of these imports are predatory – dumped below the cost of production.  This is why we’ve created an overview and history of the scourge of dumping and predatory trade in South Africa’s poultry industry.


The good, the bad and the ugly of food security in South Africa

Join our panel of experts as they discuss how to make food more affordable, accessible and available to everyone in South Africa.

Our Stunted Children: How to prevent what is rarely cured

Join our panel of thought leaders as they discuss the child stunting in South Africa, its impact on our society and interventions to eradicate it.


Throughout 2020 we will be monitoring the Poultry Industry Master Plan’s implementation, and holding key stakeholders to account. 


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The Poultry Value Chain: Roadmap to Recovery

On 9 July 2020, we convened a panel of exported and thought leaders to uncover the forces shaping SA’s poultry value chain, and what the industry can do to position itself for growth after COVID19.


Listen as FairPlay representatives, expert panel members, and invited guests appear on radio shows across South Africa. Our podcasts and radio recording are updated monthly. 


Stephen Grootes interviews Izaak Breitenbach (General Manager of the SA Poultry Association’s Broiler Organisation) on the state of South Africa’s poultry industry and the impact of COVID-19. Footage courtesy of Newsroom Afrika.

FairPlay founder Francois Baird destroys the false claims made by chicken importers, who are jeopardising the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of small-scale farmers and subsistence farmers in South Africa.

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Watch as South Africa’s chicken dumping crisis is explained in 60 seconds by FairPlay founder Francois Baird on CNBC Africa.


FrairPlay discusses the urgent need for import tariffs against dumped chicken, and the importance of South Africa’s poultry industry to the agricultural value chain. Please note that this interview is in Afrikaans, and begins 16 minutes in.

Watch as The South African National Consumer Union sells out SA Consumers. Why is the South African National Consumer Union defending Brazilian chicken when they should be defending South African consumers?

Watch as FairPlay marches to the DTI with politicians. FairPlay was supporting the sugar industry in their call for higher tariffs against imports.

Chicken Industry

Stop Chicken Dumping. The campaign was set in motion in October 2016 to unite the efforts of all affected parties who are suffering under the strain caused by the predatory trade practice of dumping of chicken in the South African market. Read More

Sugar Industry

Sweet New Vision. The South African sugar industry is under threat. A vital, strategic and labour intensive South African industry that should be expanding and creating more jobs is instead shrinking and putting people out of work. Read More


Zero-rated Chicken. The review of the zero-rated items is an opportunity to do much more than only mitigate the VAT impact on low-income households. By taking a broader view, the zero-rated items can also achieve economic growth objectives. Read More

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