Stop Chicken Dumping

The campaign was set in motion in October 2016 to unite the efforts of all affected parties who are suffering under the strain caused by unlawful dumping of chicken in the South African market.

FairPlay’s activities include the formation of a social-support coalition to provide solutions for the workers who lose their jobs due to dumping. The Fair Play mission provides the compass, the integrity and the credibility that drives the unity of purpose for the various interests and communicates a powerful narrative for influencing government decisions on actions that may be required to end dumping of chicken in South Africa.

Those that become unemployed will most harshly feel the social impact of cheap imports. The Social Support Coalition puts together a social plan to mitigate those hardships and assist affected people to have sustainable livelihoods. FairPlay’s Stop Chicken Dumping petition invites stakeholders and supporters of the cause to stand up and be counted.

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