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Who is Fairplay?

The FairPlay Movement is a not-for-profit trade movement that fights for jobs. Its goal is to end predatory trade practices between countries so that big and small nations play by the same rules. It supports the principle that penalties for transgressing those rules apply equally to everybody.

FairPlay was founded in October 2016. In alliance with existing organisations and experts it formulates and promotes strategies to defend communities made vulnerable by predatory trade practices and promote sustainable livelihoods.

These alliance partners are international, currently from the USA, Canada, UK, Ghana and South Africa.

FairPlay mission: To end the scourge of dumping as an immoral trade practice.

FairPlay vision: A world where dumping no longer exists, with free trade according to the rules.



Francois Baird

Francois Baird is a South African by birth who lives in the United States but still has interests in South Africa. He founded FairPlay in October 2016 after stepping down as the Africa Chairman of Edelman, the world’s largest public relations company.

As the fellow founder and chairman of international communications consultancy Baird’s CMC, he is also still actively involved in strategy, problem solving and crisis management for clients of the company. Baird’s CMC has its head office in the UK and more than 30 partners and associates in 17 countries.

Baird serves on the board of the not-for-profit organisation Presidential Precinct, and sits on the board of the Initiative for Global Development (IDG) in Washington DC. He also serves a number of South African not-for-profit entities.

FairPlay is a way in which he hopes to apply the expertise and networks built up worldwide over 30 years to make a practical, positive difference through advocacy.


Richard Goldstone

Justice Richard Goldstone, an internationally renowned jurist and human rights champion, is the patron of the FairPlay anti-dumping movement.

A former member of South Africa’s Constitutional Court, he was the first chief prosecutor of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda.

Justice Goldstone has chaired South African and international inquiries, many of them concerning abuses of human rights, and has been a visiting professor at universities in the US and Europe. He chaired the International Task Force on Terrorism, established by the International Bar Association, and is the honorary president of the association’s Human Rights Institute.

He also has extensive experience of corporate law, having chaired the Standing Advisory Committee of Company Law in South Africa.

As a firm supporter of trade and competition Justice Goldstone is joined FairPlay in the belief that an anti-dumping movement is needed globally to make the moral case for following the rules of international trade.

FairPlay Ghana

Ralph E Nordjo

Ralph E Nordjo is the head of the Ghana chapter of FairPlay. He is a development economist and the executive director of the Africa Consensus Centre – Ghana. He holds a BA degree in social science from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, master’s degree in development and international relations from Aalborg University, Denmark and a second master’s in development finance from the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USBS), South Africa. He is currently a PhD candidate in development finance at the USBS. His area of research focus includes agricultural development and productivity, SME development, financial market and welfare analysis.

Ralph’s passion for private-sector development has seen him working with the Business Sector Advocacy Challenge (BUSAC) Fund, Improving Business Practice (IBP) for over 12 years, where he was part of the team that developed the Ghana Business Code (GhBC) based on the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). As a Consultant, Ralph also worked for the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) on many projects.

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