No food supply shortage, says SA government

The South African government has moved quickly to reassure the country that it has sufficient food supplies and that the Ukraine war will not result in food shortages.

A global food crisis

The conflict in Ukraine threatens to cause “a global food crisis”. Experts believe the world's food supply to be at risk.

Brazil raises chicken prices

Ukraine was the world’s sixth-largest poultry exporter. Now, with the conflict ravaging its poultry industry, demand has increased for supplies from Brazil. The result is higher prices for Brazilian chicken.

Another agricultural master plan in the offing

A third agricultural master plan, after those for the poultry and sugar industries, intends to drive long-term inclusive growth in the sector.

Statement: FairPlay’s five-point plan to stave off hunger as jobless totals rise

Statement: More millions out of work means more poverty, more hunger and more malnutrition. The government must act urgently to ensure food security for all as winter approaches.

VAT-free chicken urgent as food inflation bites

FairPlay is renewing its call for Value Added Tax (VAT) in South Africa to be removed from most chicken portions to help counter the rise in food inflation following the conflict in Ukraine.

SARS clamps down on illegal trade

The SA Revenue Service (SARS) is stepping up its actions against illegal trade. While much of this has involved illegal cigarettes and narcotics, the poultry industry has welcomed action against illegal trade in chickens, and believes more is to come.

More wizardry from Oz

Another surge of chicken drumsticks from Australia has landed in South Africa at a lower price than offal. How do they do it?

Chicken fakes and fallacies

South African chicken importers became so disturbed by FairPlay’s successful campaigns against chicken dumping that they started a sub-brand which – in our opinion – looks like a propaganda site.

Former CEO distances himself from AMIE

David Wolpert, a former CEO of the Association of Meat Importers and Exporters (AMIE), has objected to being grouped with his former colleagues.

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