The good, the bad, and the ugly of food security in SA

Social stability requires food security. Watch a recording of our recent webinar on food security as experts discuss ways to make food more affordable, accessible and available to all.

Localisation must not get bogged down in the courts

The South African government’s trade lawyers should be hard at work preparing to defend the R200bn localisation policy and industry master plans against legal challenges from trading partners in the EU and elsewhere.

Danish food council replies to FairPlay on bird flu

The reported rise in European Union (EU) poultry exports, despite widespread bird flu outbreaks, has drawn a response from one of the countries involved.

Poultry exports need a big boost

One part of South Africa's poultry master plan that is not having great success is the export drive.

Food waste is a national disgrace

Nearly half of the food produced in South Africa is wasted. This level of waste – in a country where 9 million people go hungry – should be a matter of national concern.

Key role for women in agribusiness

August is Women’s Month in South Africa, and to mark the occasion the Minister of Agriculture, Ms Thoko Didiza, has said she wants to see more women in agriculture.

Bird flu compensation is key to containing the disease

While South Africa has acted swiftly to control bird flu outbreaks, the country is out of line with international best practice on the issue of compensation to farmers for birds culled.

Brazil rules the roost

In the first half of 2021, Brazil accounted for nearly 70% of South Africa’s poultry imports, while only 8.3% came from the European Union.

EU exports fly, despite bird flu

Bird flu outbreaks in Europe seem to have made little difference to overall EU poultry exports.

Investors needed to speed up intra-African trade

Free trade across the whole continent of Africa moved from dream to reality in January this year. Now, attracting foreign investment is key.

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