Looming food crisis – true or false?

The destruction of parts of the food supply chain in this month’s violence raised an interesting issue. Should food safety be sacrificed to ensure food security?

Not very much becomes enough for a crisis

Have chicken importers implied, in a recent statement, that South Africa has become dangerously dependent on chicken imports?

What a load of polony

Importers and meat processors often claim that South Africa does not manufacture mechanically deboned meat. The opposite it true.

Chips are down for potato producers

Local potato producers are in trouble because of a mix-up between them and the country’s independent tariff regulator, resulting in the unintended expiration of anti-dumping duties.

Saudis move to make their own chicken

South African poultry producers and exporters are likely to be concerned as Saudi Arabia's intensifies its drive to localise food production.

Vive la France

A heritage French bicycle brand returns to France, as fair trade measures encourage entrepreneurship and help small business.

Tough lessons to be learned from ITAC’s failure to renew potato tariffs

The unplanned expiry of anti-dumping duties on imported potato chips is a concern not only for South Africa’s potato industry, but for other industries threatened by dumped imports.

Food security’s fragile framework

The violence and looting that paralysed parts of South Africa last week showed the vulnerability of our food supply chain and reminded us that we cannot take food security for granted.

Food safety and food security go hand in hand

Should food safety regulations be scrapped to accommodate chicken imports hobbled by riots?

Violence sets back master plan implementation

South Africa is implementing six industry master plans, and all will have been set back by the violence and destruction, and the disruption of supply chains.

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