SA’s industrial policies should focus on Africa

By Mike Schussler. Never in our lifetime have we seen an economic cataclysm on the scale delivered by COVID-19. The decline is unfolding across the globe, and we’ll only grasp its full extent in months and years to come.

Chicken biz still battling, say smaller producers

The lockdown helped South African chicken producers protect their market but with imports now increasing, the hike in the import tariff in March may not be enough to protect smaller producers.

Chicken dumping poses a serious threat to SA’s food security

Two conflicting views of food security were laid out this week, one by President Cyril Ramaphosa, seeking to create a new generation of black farmers, and the other by chicken importers promoting the predatory trade that has cost thousands of South African jobs.

Brazil’s US operations are a red flag for South Africa

A drama playing out in lamb-producing Colorado in the United States has lessons for South Africa. The most important lesson is the danger of allowing importers to gain control of any important local food producing industry.

South Africa renews focus on the poultry masterplan

The South African Poultry Association has welcomed a renewed focus on the poultry sector masterplan, despite the severe impact that Covid-19 has had on the local poultry industry.

Food safety and social stability – two sides of the same coin

Unsafe food threatens our food security, which in turn threatens our social stability. With the economy likely to be in recession for a long time because of the ravages of Covid-19, this is a threat that must be faced and dealt with.

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