Corrupt Brazilian billionaire brothers’ meat plants are riddled with coronavirus

The Batistas’ company is also being probed in America now for bribery, and has been accused of price-gouging during the...

Local poultry producers help food security

Izaak Breitenbach from the South African Poultry Association discusses the important role that local producers play in ensuring food security.

Our corporate social responsibility and food security

Marthinus Stander from local poultry producer, Country Bird Holdings, talks about the company's social responsibility actions during lockdown, and how they are helping vulnerable communities.

Helping small poultry farmers

Izaak Breitenbach, from the South African Poultry Association, discusses what measures local poultry producers are putting in place to help small farmers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Local chicken producer takes care of vulnerable

Food security during lockdown is a burning issue in poverty stricken areas of South Africa, where the most vulnerable are...

African farmers lose market access as COVID-19 crisis widens

Millions of family farmers across Africa are facing economic devastation as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts exports and global food supply...

Young entrepreneur elevates Mpumalanga poultry industry from the ground up

At 30-years-old, Khethiwe Promise Maseko is already on the path to building one of the biggest chicken farming operations in...

Africa: COVID-19: Our hungriest and most vulnerable communities face “a crisis within a crisis”

Dominique Burgeon, Director of FAO’s Emergency and Resilience Division, explains the particular challenges COVID-19 poses in vulnerable communities already coping...

Issues in the global poultry supply chain

FairPlay has been monitoring issues in the global poultry supply chain to assess food security risks for those countries that...

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