Higher chicken import tariffs not enough, says association

SA’s poultry sector has shed thousands of jobs and blames its demise on cheap chicken imports from Brazil, the US...

Francois Baird on the urgency of poultry import tariffs, on Radio RSG

President Cyril Ramaphosa, during this State of the Nation address in February 2020, promised that import tariffs on dumped poultry...

Govt approves import tariff hike on chicken portions

On Friday new tariffs on imported chicken portions were published in the Government Gazette. This article was first published by...

New chicken tariffs will be a test of the industry master plan.

New chicken tariffs will be a test of the industry master plan. Statement by Francois Baird, founder, FairPlay Movement. 13...

Tariff Matters: Chicken industry rescue plan is already behind schedule

The poultry sector master plan is only a few months old, but already it is falling behind schedule. This means...

Where are the promised poultry tariffs?

The delay means livelihoods in rural areas remain threatened. Our letter was first published in the Business Day on 9...

Francois Baird on poultry tariffs and job creation

FairPlay Founder Francois Baird recently visited the OFM studio to discuss the urgent need for poultry tariffs on dumped imports....

FairPlay concerned at continued chicken tariff delay

FairPlay concerned at continued chicken tariff delay. 28 February 2020. Statement by Francois Baird, Founder, FairPlay movement The FairPlay movement...

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