Coca-Cola is killing SA sugar industry

THE FAIRPLAY movement urges Coca-Cola to stop purchasing imports of dumped sugar which are threatening jobs and contributing to the...

RCL’s sugar business takes strain

The government should do more to shield food and sugar producers from the influx of cheap imports, RCL Foods CFO...

VAT exemption on foods may not benefit poor

Cape Town – As the impact of the drought, fuel and sugar taxes is being felt on food prices, there...

SA’s new dawn – the devil is in the details

AS THE COUNTRY HEADS towards another general election, the ANC, the government, and opposition political parties share one thing: the...

We all need to help our domestic industries

  PERHAPS nothing has helped the layman understand the importance and impact, both positive and negative, of trade tariffs like...

The chicken, or the cake?

The Woolard VAT review panel failed to reach consensus on chicken for all the wrong reasons, and instead agreed that...

Why Parliament must vote for VAT-free chicken

The much-awaited Woolard report on expanding the list of zero-rated VAT items has missed a key opportunity to both reduce...

The right way to protect SA’s sugar industry

After a spike in sugar imports and despite higher import tariffs, local producers argue the correct way to protect the...

Global, Continental and local Ethanol Outlook

Global, Continental and local Ethanol Outlook

A very interesting article in the July 2018 edition of the SA Sugar Journal by Dr Marilyn Govender considering the...

Trade union federation paints a gloomy picture on impact of job losses in SA

JOHANNESBURG- South Africa is currently shedding jobs at an alarming and accelerating rate where thousands of jobs are lost across...

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