Chicken dumping decimated Ghana’s poultry industry, here’s how SA can avoid similar fate
December 1, 2017
Memorandum of Understanding between the Ghana Nation Association of Poultry Farmers, SA Poultry Association, Food and Allied Workers Union and the FairPlay anti-dumping movement.
December 5, 2017

Fairplay anti-dumping movement is hosting the Ghana Chairman of the Ghana National Poultry Association. The Poultry industry in SA and Ghana is highly under the threat of dumped imports. Iman speaks to the Chairman of the Ghana National Poultry Association, Victor Adjei, about the industry collapse and this has affected the livelihoods of individuals as poultry farming is an extremely important means of economic generation.

RCLs recent retrenchment of workers is touched on, in line with how dumping affects job creation, crime statistics and the overall economy. He addresses his frustration with government bodies as they enter into fruitless negotiations. He questions the safety and impact of the chicken that gets imported into Africa. Victor warns that the same thing might happen in South Africa and other African states should we not heed caution.

Francois Baird, founder of Fairplay joins the duo in studio and gives his analysis and undertaking of the current situation facing the African Poultry industry as well as the role played by the Global North.


Original Source – Power 98.7

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