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Richard Goldstone

Justice Richard Goldstone, an internationally renowned jurist and human rights champion, is the patron of the FairPlay anti-dumping movement.

A former member of South Africa’s Constitutional Court, he was the first chief prosecutor of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda.

Justice Goldstone has chaired South African and international inquiries, many of them concerning abuses of human rights, and has been a visiting professor at universities in the US and Europe. He chaired the International Task Force on Terrorism, established by the International Bar Association, and is the honorary president of the association’s Human Rights Institute.

He also has extensive experience of corporate law, having chaired the Standing Advisory Committee of Company Law in South Africa.

As a firm supporter of trade and competition Justice Goldstone is joined FairPlay in the belief that an anti-dumping movement is needed globally to make the moral case for following the rules of international trade.

who is fairplay?

TheFair Play Movement is a new not-for-profit initiative with the goal to end the unlawful trade practice of dumping worldwide.

FairPlay was founded in October 2016 and forms alliances with existing organisations and experts to formulate and promote strategies that could end dumping. These alliance partners are international, currently from the USA, Canada, UK andSouth Africa.

Thecampaign against chicken dumping in SA is FairPlay’s first campaign in South Africa. FairPlay has already managed to unite chicken producers, the SA Poultry Association (SAPA) and the Food and Allied Workers Union (FAWU) to oppose dumping. It has also recruited a panel of local and international experts to assist the government and other involved parties to formulate plans that will work.

FairPlay is supported with funds and nonfinancial resources from the private sector. This enables FairPlay to pay for certain actions and in other circumstances utilise its supporters’ resources and assistance.

FairPlay mission: To fight the scourge of dumping as an illegal and immoral trade practice.
FairPlay vision: A world where dumping no longer exists in free trade according tothe rules.