Sugarcane – A Remarkable Economic and Environmental Resource

Sugarcane is a remarkable resource. Progressive and innovative countries are squeezing commercial value out of sugarcane every way they can....

Op-Ed: Biofuel from sugarcane – why is SA not rushing ahead?

Support for diversification of the sugar industry provides a superb and immediate opportunity for the government of South Africa under...

Sign sugary tax, and ‘Ramaphoria will turn into Ramaphobia’ – FAWU

Cape Town – If President Cyril Ramaphosa signs a so-called sugary tax into law, “Ramaphoria will turn into Ramaphobia”, said...

Diversification and Protection- the Keys to Survival and Future Growth of the Sugar Industry

There are more than 120 sugar-producing countries, and all of them have some kind of intervention, subsidy or other protection...

Economic Footprint of the Sugar Industry

Sugar is one of southern Africa’s main agricultural crops. For example, in South Africa, sugar’s contribution to gross domestic product...

Sugar – An Essential and Strategic Economic Resource

In addition to providing direct employment in sugar farming and milling, sugar is an important component for other industries. The...

Protes Beplan Teen Goedkoop Ingevoerde Hoender En Suiker

Die Food and Allied Workers’ Union (Fawu) sien rooi oor werkverliese in die Suid-Afrikaanse hoender- en suikerbedryf. Die vakbond gaan...

Op-Ed: Sugar and poultry industries could boost Ramaphosa’s jobs drive

In his State of the Nation Address, President Cyril Ramaphosa recognised the enormous economic potential of agriculture which, he said,...

Ailing sugar industry needs policy sweetener against bitter dumping pill

The sugar industry is vital, strategic and labour intensive, say the writers. The impending introduction of a tax on sugary...

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